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Luxury Fragranced Candle | Aroma Holiday

Luxury Fragranced Candle | Aroma Holiday

Luxury Fragranced Candle | Aroma Holiday

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Product Detail:

  • Luxury Fragranced Soy Wax Candle
  • Iconic Aroma Holiday Heart & Plane Logo Glass
  • Luxury Embossed Lid
  • Each Candle Comes Wrapped In Satin Ribbon Presented In A Unique Aroma Holiday Giftbox
  • Burn Time: Approx 50+ hrs
  • Approx Dimensions: H 90 x D 85 cm
  • 280g/ 30cl Candle

Available In The Following Fragrances:

London: A fresh and green Springtime herbal accord, depicting the Royal Parks of London. Notes of delicate English Rose petals, also freshly cut grass, sets the regal scene. Finally, supported by subtle hints of delicate green tea, resting on a base of mature antique colonial sandalwood.

Dubai: A rich, vibrant earthy, fruity, and yet woody fragrance. Where succulent figs steam in a rich and sticky coulis of portly plum and sweet, mouth-watering Middle Eastern honey. Lastly, descending onto a base of luxuriant amber, softwoods, and exotic Asian Oud…a touch of pure “Liquid Gold”.

Paris:  A rich, romantic Parisian inspired floral accord. For that reason, starts with it’s natural smelling top notes of luxurious French rose petals. Then, supported by sweet Mimosa, herbal hints of basil, and also zesty Mandarin nuances.

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